Cedars Signature Homemade Quiche 6.95

Mom’s Favorite Egg Sandwich 5.50
Cage-free organic egg, lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard, cheddar cheese, on a multi-grain thin

Smoked Salmon Platter 11.50
Smoked salmon, greens, tomato, onion, cucumber, cream cheese, w/ bagel or toast

Eli Special 11.50
Lox, cream cheese, cucumber, tomato & onion on a bagel

Syd’s Sandwich 6.50
Cage-free organic egg w/ tomato & american cheese on a bagel

Add ham +1.50
Add bacon +1.00
Egg white only +1.50
On croissant +1.00

Baked Goods

Cedars Signature Granola
5.00/half lb
in house w. organic milk 4.00
in house w. organic yogurt 5.00

Bagels 2.25
Israel Bagels whole wheat, sesame, poppy, everything
w/ cream cheese or butter +1.00
w/ seasonal jam or preserves +1.50

plain 2.25
chocolate 2.75

Morrison’s pumpkin spice, whole wheat iced blueberry, marble crumble 3.25
Cedars Signature almond blueberry (g-free) 4.25

Cedars Signature Homemade Cookies
malted chocolate chip 1.85
oatmeal ginger cranberry 1.85

Pound Cake 2.50


All Sandwiches 7.50
Served on multigrain bread, brioche roll, a bed of greens, or spinach wrap
Gluten-Free Bread available by request

Curried Chicken Salad
w/ carrots and raisins

Grilled Veggie Wrap
roasted veggies w/ goat chesse and homemade hummus on spinach wrap

Cedars Tuna
w/ spinach, olives, capers, onion, mayo & sundried tomatoes

Roast Turkey
w/ cranberry chutney or apricot mustard

Ham, Brie, & Apple
w/ dijon mustard

Veggie Burger
made with seasonal ingredients

Grilled Cheese
w/ tomato & pesto


Chips 1.85

Side Salad 4.65 

menu website


Coffee | La Colombe

In House Refillable Mug 2.43
16oz To Go 2.70
20oz Iced Coffee 2.70

House Brewed Iced Tea  2.16

Hot Tea  1.65

Homemade Hot Cocoa  2.25
Served w/ whipped cream and chocolate drizzle


Variety of juices, sports drinks & sodas also available. Prices Vary.

Full menu served all day. Menu items subject to change seasonally



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