Just Some Absurdities from Jeff Malinowski

Wondering about the absurdities hanging on our walls?
Artist Jeff Malinowski invites you to come ask him about it
Saturday morning, August 11; 11-1.

Jeff graduated from Goucher College in Towson, Maryland with a bachelor’s degree in music in 2011 and pursued music unsuccessfully before discovering his talent for drawing at the age of 25. Though he’s had no formal training in the visual arts and hasn’t taken an art class since 8th grade, he was able to self teach with a combination of books, the internet and personal connections to learn both traditional and non-traditional methods. He enjoys adding a cartoon touch to photo-realistic drawings, as well as art that is inspired by modern ideas of abstraction and color.
After a hand injury, Jeff decided to test its recovery by working on a very small drawing. He soon found that these very small sketches could be incorporated into a style that allowed him to channel both his obsessive-compulsive and otherwise irrational tendencies into a highly detailed art. This typically involves spending hours at a time drawing thousands of tiny lines in a manner that causes his friends and family to worry about his sanity… but he likes to think he’s already been to the abyss and survived; albeit with just a small bit of reason and rationality left. 

He can be found on DeviantArt at www.eljmjefe.deviantart.com