Art for a Cause

During the month of June, you’ll see some neat stretched canvas photos of the Wissahickon hanging on our walls. These photos were taken by a great friend of The Cedars House, Morgan S. Hurm.
Proceeds from sales benefit REACH Inc., a non-profit charitable organization supporting adults with disabilities. REACH Inc. supports people 18 years or older, who are diagnosed with a developmental disability, by providing residential, vocational, and transportation services.
About the Photographer

Morgan was raised in northern Delaware and has strong family roots in the Philadelphia area. Morgan developed a passion for nature and weather at a very young age. By the time he was in elementary school, Morgan had already decided that he was going to pursue a career in meteorology. He eventually attended the University of Delaware and the Pennsylvania State University studying climatology, meteorology, and secondary education. Morgan currently teaches 7th grade earth science and is a professional meteorologist specializing in both winter storm and severe weather forecasting.

Morgan was first introduced to Forbidden Drive, “the trail”, by his mother in the early 1980’s often frequenting the Valley Green Inn. He didn’t return until 2010 when a friend introduced him to trail running. What developed was a new passion for running and an affection for such a beautiful trial with over 30 miles of connecters.

Local photographs are primarily from the Wissahickon Valley Park. When interviewed, Morgan stated that one of his favorite locations in the Wissahickon is the Thomas Mill Red Covered Bridge, “a perfect representation of the park’s unique personality and character through the seasons.” The majority of Morgan’s photographs have been taken on his runs, both alone and with others. All of the photographs have been captured with an iPhone camera and have been submitted to the iPhone Photography Awards (IPPA).