Local Landscape Watercolors

The work of watercolorist Suzanne Marinell is on display here at Cedars now through May. Featuring nearby landscapes of the Wissahickon, Morris Arboretum, Fort Washington State Park and the Schuykill River.

“When I paint a landscape, whether external or internal, I want the viewer to know how I felt when I was there. I understand much better where I have been when I explore that place through my art. I hope that when people observe my work, they will go on interesting travels themselves as they explore my colors, shapes, and moods, and will perhaps want to go where I have been, or will realize that they have already been there.”
-Suzanne Marinell

Suzanne cordially invites you to her artist reception on Earth Day 2018; Sunday, April 22 from 11am to 1pm in the cafe and activity room.