Music in the Park! July 2017

It’s always cooler in Valley Green!
The Cedars House will be open daily 8am to 3pm all summer long!


We encourage weekend park goers to bring a blanket and relax in the shade of Cedars. Our summer concert performances will be free, BYOB and dog friendly.

Join us this Sunday to hear the delightful sounds of Diane L. Reimer at The Cedars House! Diane is an accomplished keyboardist, vocalist and harmonica player whose delivered skillful performances at Cedars time and time again. Her ecclectic mix of American rock and pop covers are sure to compliment the atmosphere of a Sunday afternoon in the Wissahickon!

Brittany Linn is a passionate musician who has been sharing her talents for over 20 years. She has performed at many bars, restaurants, and coffee shops in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New York. Brittany plays music from a range of genres including popular hits of today, classic songs, and original music.



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