Spring Hours & Park Safety

Mother Nature is dragging her heels but our Spring cleaning is done and
The Cedars House has reopened!
Please take notice of our new Sunday hours!

We encourage everyone to #OptOutside and enjoy all the Wissahickon Trail has to offer!

Although the Park Curfew has been lifted and the ice and snow is melting, there are a few safety precautions we ask hikers and walkers to consider on the trails.

Dress Warmly

It’s better to dress in layers than one bulky overcoat. One large, heavy coat can hold in moisture and will cause your inner clothing to become damp with perspiration during your hike. By dressing in layers, you can remove clothing as needed and carry in a pack. Warm weather is coming soon, but for now you’re good with three layers:

  • Undergarments: should be snug against your skin and made of non-absorbent material. Cotton is less preferable as it holds moisture close to your skin and cause you to feel colder.
  • Insulation: should be fitted so that air is not circulating and carrying away your body heat.
  • Windshell: outer coat should be loose enough to get over your other layers, heavy enough to keep out wind, and preferably waterproof.

Beware Poison Ivy

There are still snow mounds bordering the Drive, but it’s never too early to start looking out for patches of Poison Ivy. In the Spring, leaflets sprout up with a red or orange hue. Later in the summer, the leafs will turn green and hairy vines will grow around the stem. Do not be thrown off by their young appearance, leaflet sprouts still weep the highly poisonous oil, urushiol, that dermatologists estimate that roughly 85% of humans are allergic to. To lessen your chance of contracting poison ivy, we recommend enclosed shoes, long pants, and a barrier cream applied to any exposed skin on arms, hands and neck. Our canine friends generally do not suffer allergic reactions to poison ivy, but can transfer it home by way of their hair.

“Leaves of three, let it be”

Practice Situational Awareness

Be aware of where you are and what is happening around you in the Park! Avoid accidents by being alert and respectful to others, their pets, and park property. Forbidden Drive and other select trails offer directories to view, but for a more extensive Wissahickon hike, grab a map:

The Friends of the Wissahickon offers a brilliantly detailed map that makes planning a breeze.  You can pick one up for $10 at The Cedars House.



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