NOW SHOWING: The Cedars House Presents the Paintings of Harry Cerino

A show critique reprint (with permission) the from Il Journale de Siciliano de Sciencia de Poultry e Arti Industriali, Vol. CXXVI, No. 3, aprile, 2016.

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Harry Cerino, a direct descendent of the idiot Bouchard, the monarchist who led the disastrous 1884 retreat after the Tunisian Campaign that lead to the annihilation of the Third Regiment (The Jaunty Fusiliers), continues to pursue a career as ill-suited for him as the military one was for his reckless forbearer. Nevertheless, overcoming sound judgement and lack of talent he has shown in his truncheon new oeuvre the ability to advance the vulgar to fashionable. “Astonishing” have cried the critics. Cerino who considers himself a self-professed flâneur, gentleman, polymath, and artist, you may recall, created a sensation a few seasons back in the New York art market causing several Chelsea gallery owners to leave the profession and retire unexpectedly.

The new Cerino spectacle, features his self-proclaimed masterpieces and personally admired works, in a show which the artist boldly entitles “Compares Favorably to Picasso.” It has the dash, verve and exhilaration of a new-to-market, flat-to-volume shampoo, or more poignantly the power of an Associate’s Degree in accountancy. “I found the pieces, in this post-Internet age, containing the convincing power of, of . . . what can I say . . . . I’m at an absolute loss for words.” commented one dumbfounded critic as Cerino looked on happily.

Mr. Cerino explained that each of his new works is a powerful visual epic that slowly reveals itself through carefully planned, mentally envisioned, psychic mirrors imbedded in the paint. These cleverly located metaphorical reflective devices, mirages, if you will, echo the guarded interior mystic soul of the viewer.

As most great works must be seen from the proper distance and correct light to appreciate their kinetic vibrancy, Cerino’s pieces are best viewed from afar. Even though Cerino’s artistic career continues to languish – “Deservedly so!” hush envious colleagues – he explains now is a good time to purchase his painting. “They haven’t been selling, even at new bargain-basement prices recently, so . . .” he knowingly states, “this would be a good time to stock up.” The proceeds from new sales will be used by the artist to train and prepare for a hopefully more promising career as a cage fighter.


April 9th, 2016

Open to ALL Philadelphia community members and Penn students!

Help MEDLIFE Penn raise money to build a staircase for Virgen de Cocharcas in Lima, Peru!

Philadelphia Runner Coupons for ALL, PRIZES, TEE-SHIRTS, SNACKS, and FUN!


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Thank you to the Franklin Institute, Trader Joe’s, Run the Day and Philadelphia Runner for Sponsoring our Event!

MEDLIFE Penn is a chapter of MEDLIFE, an international charity that focuses on working towards health equity. Our mission is to help low-income families achieve greater freedom from the constraints of poverty, empowering them to live healthier lives. MEDLIFE works with these communities through mobile clinics as well as projects that bring much needed education and development to these communities. To run these mobile clinics and projects, MEDLIFE relies on its worldwide chapters to contribute towards the MEDLIFE Fund. MEDLIFE is solely funded by the donations made by its chapters.

Wissahickon Writing Circles

12068632_884415888279077_8675183166813509815_oSusan Windle’s writing circles are carefully structured for listening,writing and sharing. Susan brings poetry from many sources to guide writers into the deeper places. The surrounding woods add their voices. As weather permits, group members spend time outdoors with the Wissahickon creek, rocks, and trees—to hear the songs and garner the wisdom of this special place.

When • Groups meet weekly for two hours in the late afternoon for 7-week renewable cycles. Where • In a private room of The Cedars House Café on the northern end of Forbidden Drive, at Northwestern Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118. Fee • $175 per cycle.$160 early bird registration by October 8. Cycle begins October 15 for the Thursday group. With enough interest, a Friday group is also possible.

Contact Susan through Facebook to explore:


Fresh Artists at the Cedars House!

Local students have provided a wonderful gift to the community at the Cedars House in the form of expressive art pieces via the outstanding organization, Fresh Artists!

Founded in 2008, Fresh Artists is a national award-winning nonprofit that empowers young lives through art by engaging vulnerable children as full partners in philanthropy, by widely exhibiting children’s artwork in highly visible and unexpected places, and by providing art supplies and innovative art programs to severely under-resourced public schools. Fresh Artists invites K-12 artists to donate high-resolution images of selected artwork, and then provides corporate or individual donors with thank-you gifts of high-quality digital reproductions of that art in exchange for financial contributions. The talent and generosity of 1000 public school children throughout the country has delivered the value of more than $557,000 in art supplies and innovative art programming to public schools. Fresh Artists’ Print Studio provides large-format printing for under-resourced nonprofits while introducing disadvantaged teens to marketable job skills and potential careers in the creative economy.  Reproductions of children’s artwork have been installed in corporate facilities throughout the country from Washington, DC, to Oregon including SAP, Yahoo, Comcast, Independence Blue Cross, Harvard School of Education, World Café Live, Yale University Children’s Hospital, Drexel University, and the world-famous Philadelphia Flower Show. The children’s art has been installed in 35 homeless and emergency shelters, soup kitchens and child abuse clinics with healing, hopeful children’s art. The Fresh Artists Memory Games, educational, intergenerational games showcasing children’s art, received the Oppenheim Gold Award for Best Toy of the Year and were chosen by Oprah to be featured in “O” Magazine.

For more information,